Leisurewize Apollo Steel Full Caravan Awning Size 15

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Built to provide high quality at a price you can afford, the Leisurewize Apollo is a stylish full caravan awning with a durable acrylic and polyester canvas and a strong steel frame.

This full five-piece awning is made from coated acrylic front and side panels and a one-piece coated polyester roof, with a tough PVC mud wall to keep out the dirt. Reinforced stitching and welded joint seams help keep your awning together, and the front ventilation vents help keep inner condensation down while also providing fresh air.

The front and side panels are removable to provide an airy canopy-style awning, and you can fit the optional Leisurewize Universal Tall Awning Annexe to either side of the awning for even more room. Both side windows come with mosquito screens for ventilation without worrying about insects, and all the windows have interior curtains for added privacy and comfort.

The stainless steel frame is electroplated and built to last, with a reinforced loop and toggle pegging system for a secure hold. The windlock clamps keep your frame up in inclement weather, and the awning bracket pads give you a snug fit against your caravan to keep out all the elements.

Designed for maximum comfort and style at a reasonable price, the Leisurewize Apollo is available in two colours.


  • Coated 240gsm acrylic front and side panels
  • One-piece coated 280gsm polyester roof
  • Reinforced stitching and welded reinforced joint seams
  • Grained 510gsm PVC mud wall
  • Two removable front panels
  • Poly-cotton interior curtains
  • Mosquito screens for side windows
  • Front ventilation vents
  • Elasticated stainless steel loop and toggle pegging system
  • Quick-release wind-lock clamps
  • Quick-release awning bracket pads
  • Electroplated steel frame
  • Depth: 250cm